Getting to Ghent


After you arrive in Brussels airport (Zaventem) you need to take the train to Ghent. In Zaventem there is a train station.

The train station is located in the basement level -1. Before taking the train you will need to buy a train ticket to Gent Sint-Pieters. (Gent St-Pieters == Gand-Saint-Pierre)

Then take a train to Gent Sint-Pieters.

There are several ways to get to Gent Sint-Pieters:

  • You can take a direct train, or;
  • take a train to Brussels-Central, and in Brussel-Central take a train to Gent-Sint Pieters.

It is the easiest that you take the direct train. You get on the train at the airport, and get off in Gent-Sint Pieters.

The direct train leaves 4 minutes past the hour.

Contacting Rudy

I prefer that when you arrive in the airport you take the time to phone me. So I know that you have arrived on time and have gotten passed customs without any problems.

You can contact me on +32 473 84 48 89.

When you arrive in Gent Sint-Pieters you then phone me again so I know you have arrived in Ghent. I will then come and pick you up.

I also prefer that when you are on the train you contact me again. To let me know you are on the train. I can then come to the train station by the time you arrive in Ghent. If you don't have a phone with you you can ask somebody on the train if he can send a text message to me.

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