Jimma ICT AP's



IR 1 – The ICT infrastructure and services improved

  • Identify requirements for wireless network implementation
  • Purchase Printers and Scanners to the university internet cafe established at the students lounge
  • Assign and train personnel to maintain the internet café

IR 3 – Community Resource Centers (CRC) Organized and Equipped

  • Site Selection and needs assessment
  • Acquire PC's, modem, network components for two CRCs
  • Installation of the network
  • Cover maintenance cost for ICT-part of the CRC

IR 4 – The competence of the staff in providing technical support increased

  • Provide training for newly aqcuired personnel to get them to the same level of competance as the other ICT and library staff members.
  • Train 2 professionals on advanced Network Management and Troubleshooting
  • Cascade the above training to the other team members
  • Provide Microsoft Systems Management Courses to 6 members of the team (In house training offered by a Foreign expert)
  • Provide training to professional library staff (Training on automation, web page, library management, troubleshooting & maintenance and multimedia)
  • Exposure visit (Library + ICT)


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