Email service outages and problems

Please update the outages below:


  • dd/mm/yy
  • End of Feb 2008: badly configured firewall put email service out of use for 4 days.
  • The absence of continuous power supply in the whole country at present times.
  • The absence of automatic switch for the email system
  • The absence of big power generator.


  • dd/mm/yy
  • The amount of size for the mail boxes is small. 50MB is small.
  • Lack of well trained IT professional person both on Debian and on the Postfix.
  • coordination problem, who is/was really responsible?
  • There was no help page available which enhances users to make them remember their password and help on over all email system web page is essential.
  • unavailability of styles creator font editing tools on the text pane of the web page.
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