South visit June 2008

Visiting members: Rudy and Piet. Period: 14-19 June (Jimma), 20-23 (Mekelle)

Program (regarding ICT):

  • Sat 14/06, afternoon
    • Meeting 1 with Rudy and Girum, agenda:
      • Overview AP2008
      • South team members list
      • LTSP, Linutop, CRCs
      • Useradministration
    • Meeting 2 with Rudy, Girum, Amanuel and Eyuel
      • Agenda of the following week
        • Installation of Debain on the new hardware (VLIR server, and others)
        • Software installation:
      • Useradministration
      • Mail server
        • outages
        • backups
        • migration
        • account usage
      • FTP server
  • Integration staff/student administration with ICT useradministration and Library users
  • Set up new mail system on new hardware
  • Installation VLIR server
  • Installation FTP server
Dear Jemal,
Rudy is departing for Jimma on Friday, 
It is essential that he meets some people, 
I would like him to have a meeting 
With Duguma, dean of Agric college and also Yehenew,
Who is responsible for the computer room at agric. College,
I would like Rudy to see that venue.
Second, he needs to speak with Girum individually,
Also with Kora, and maybe with Dr. Kaba, 
So that he has a good insight about the plans for ICT at JU.
Lastly, there should also be a meeting of the while ICT team, 
There are quite a few people that Rudy never met ...

Please, could you contact these people and try to arrange meetings. 

I would have loved to come to Jimma now, but I am still not in 
good shape, I am having new examinations soon ...

Kind regards 
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