South visit September 2008

  1. Replacing proxy server and webserver
    Needs to be done in advance:
    • Install two HP servers with Debian 64bit OS
      • Proxy server: RAID1 + hot spare disk
      • Web server: RAID5 + hot spare disk
    • Do we have enough disks??
  2. LTSP campus of agriculture + Cisco class room (Girum, Yehenew)
    • Location of server
    • Connection of server to JU network
    • Connection of the local computers to the LTSP server via local network
    • Cabling?
    • Switch?
    • User administration
    • 64bit or 32bit?
    • How many servers? Two different locations so two servers.
    • UPS??
  3. Field trip to Gilgel Gibe dam for LTSP ?
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