Hands-on ICT training August - September 2007

  • Dates and location
    The training will start on august 27th and end on september 7th and will be held at the computer labs of Ghent University and Antwerp University.
  • Participants
    • Eyuel Gessese, Jimma University
    • Amanuel Chali, Jimma University
    • Paúl Vanegas Peña, Cuenca University
    • Awet Fisseha, Mekelle University
    • Segen Fisseha, Mekelle University
    • Gebremariam Mesfin, Mekelle University
  • Preconditions
    We expect that the participants have a basic knowledge on Linux and are active in the field of network management. Previous participation on the BMO (Bandwidth Management and Optimization) course of INASP is a plus.
  • The topics that will be covered are
    • Linux basics (2 days)
    • Setup of a reliable mail system in a Linux environment with Postfix, courier, mysql, squirrel, Clamav and Spamassassin (3 days)
    • Extended Bandwidth Management and Optimization (3 days)
    • Visit of Belgium University and University College ICT centers (2 days)
  • Contact person: Bram.Mennes@khk.be

The training will be hands-on based with a lot practical exercises.

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