Switch Configuration Using GNU/Linux (Ubuntu)

  1. Connect to a switch using console cable
    • Connect the switch to a console cable
    • Connect the USB-to-Serial Converter to your laptop
    • Use dmesg to see the name of the device (eg: /dev/ttyUSB0)
  2. Configure Terminal Software (minicom)
    • Install minicom
      apt-get install minicom
    • Run minicom
    • Configure minicom to use the correct device (the one identified by dmesg) (This might have to be done only once)
      • Type 'ctrl-A Z' - press control and A together and then press Z (this shows the menu)
      • Press O to configure minicom
      • Select Serial Port Setup and press enter
      • Press A to change the Serial Device (eg: /dev/ttyUSB0)
      • Press E to change the Bit Rate (bps/par/bits) and Select the appropriate value (eg: C for 9600. The value will be 9600 8N1)
      • Press Esc key to go back to the previous menu
      • When you are done configuring Select Save Setup as dfl (this will be the default setup)
      • Exit the configuration by pressing X or Q
  • While you are using minicom, to see the command line at the bottom press 'Ctrl-A'

Monitoring Switchports

  • Configuring Wireshark

wireshark is a free software that is used to monitor network traffic passing through a specific port. It can be used to see what type of traffic goes in and out of the port. It can also be used to see contents of files to check for virus activities.

  • install wireshark
     sudo apt-get install wireshark 
  • start wireshar
     sudo wireshark
  • Monitoring using Wireshark

To monitor packets going in and out of a particular switch port:

  1. mirror the switch port to the port to which your computer (the computer with wireshark) is connected:
    $ enable
    $ [password]
    # conf t
    (config)# monitor session 1 source int [the interface you want to monitor]
    (config)# monitor session 1 destination int [the interface your computer is connected to]
    (config)# exit
  1. Start wireshark to start monitoring
    • apply filters to monitor
    • use graphs to summarize traffic

Other monitoring software include: eterrcap, and eterrape

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