BMO (Bandwidth Management and Optimization) for Mekelle University

Work placement of Tom Jannes and Jeffrey Van Reusel

  • Objectives
  • Study material
  • User quota possibilities
  • Plan


  • Evaluation and implementation of a user quota system for Internet access to optimize the Internet uplink
  • Integration of the user quota system with other Bandwidth Management and Optimization (BMO) measures
  • Integration of the user quota system with the user management system
  • Evaluation and improvement of the current security measures against viruses, spyware and spam

Study material

  1. web caching : squid (
  2. web content filtering : Dansguardian
  3. user quota
    1. squish
    2. PIX user session quota You can define usage quotas for individual users. You can limit users in one or both of two ways:
      • By total duration of sessions for the period selected (hours/day,hours/week or hours/month)
      • By the total number of sessions for the period selected
    3. bcrouter ( is complex and surely too complex to troubleshoot in case of problems, …

User quota possibilities

  • squish
  • PIX user session quota

Proposal for proceeding

  1. March (Belgium)
    • study material
    • Install Debian
    • Configure Squid
    • Experiment with delay pools and acls
    • Configure DansGuardian
    • Install Mysql database with a simple table (username, password)
    • Configure squish
    • Experiment with PIX quota and authentication
    • Consider alternative user quota systems
    • Document findings
    • Discussion and selection of a user quota system
  2. April-may (Mekelle University)
    • Implement user quota
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