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Todo: write small paragraph about the project


For this project to succeed we need to have staff working full time on this the first months.


  1. figure out how many staff
  2. figure out who
  3. figure out who will do what


Todo: where will these CRS's be built


  • One 'server' computer that will act
    • NAT router
    • dialup server to to internet/jimma
    • DHCP server
    • DNS cache
    • Proxy server
    • Print server
    • Ubuntu mirror
    • NFS export of /home
    • LDAP directory with useraccounts or Mysql, depends on the easiest administration. Or just /etc/passwd /etc/passwd and with rsync copy arround
    • Give out usernames (gilgelcrc1,gilgelcrc2,…) to everbody who wants/pays.
  • The others computers: ubuntu work stations with guest accounts
  • In Jimma: dial in server


  • Training of Jimma staff: Preferably by GTZ in Jimma town.
  • Training of CRC staff: by Jimma staff


  1. Fix political issues
  2. Staff issues
  3. Training issues, dates, who? when? topics?
  4. Train Jimma staff
  5. Implementation in Jimma university, Proof of concept
  6. Write documentation for Jimma uni staff + Write documentation for CRC staff
  7. Train CRC staff
  8. Implementation in 2 CRCs near Jimma
  9. Follow up
  10. Evaluation of 2 CRCs
  11. Fix issues
  12. Implementation of other CRCs


Jimma staff:

  • Ubuntu installation
  • DNS installation and configuration
  • DHCP installation and configuration
  • Proxy installation and configuration
  • Dial in installation and configuration
  • Print server installation and configuration
  • Documentation writing
  • Network cabling
  • Amharic localization
  • PXE booting
  • Ubuntu net installation setup

CRC staff:

  • Ubuntu installation of client pcs
  • PC troubleshooting
  • Maintenaince


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