Dokuwiki setup


apt-get install php5
apt-get install dokuwiki

Answer the following questions:

  • url: /icthelpdesk
  • apache version: apache2
  • purge on remove: no

Configuration apache

  1. Edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/00-default, put between the <VirtualHost>…</VirtualHost> section:
    Include "/etc/dokuwiki/apache.conf"
  2. Edit /etc/dokuwiki/apache.conf. Delete or modify the ip restriction.

Configuration dokuwiki

Read /usr/share/doc/dokuwiki/README.Debian.gz, e.g. with

zless /usr/share/doc/dokuwiki/README.Debian.gz


  • cd /etc/dokuwiki; cp local.php.dist local.php
  • Edit local.php:
    $conf['title']       = 'Mekelle ICT Helpdesk';        //what to show in the title
    $conf['useacl']      = 1;                //Use Access Control Lists to restrict access?
    $conf['superuser']   = '@admin';
    $conf['authtype']   = 'plain';
  • Edit acl.auth.php
    *                     @admin      15
    *                     @ALL        1
  • Edit users.auth.php
    jdc:<MD5HASH>:Jan Du,user
    jandesitter:<MD5HASH>:jan de,user

    You can create a md5hash with

    echo -n password | md5sum.textutils
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