Password tool

The goal is to create a webpage where users can reset their password.

Password Policy

  • Min 5 chars
  • Max 8 chars
  • When to change?
  • Check for weak passwords


  • Apache SSL enabled webserver
  • PHP page



Example to create and check passwords.

 $user_input = "foo";
 $encrypted_password_unix = '$1$Pr6PI$MPwTVvKTjAhd.YFO2mGpQ.';
 $encrypted_password_crypt = 'G5GQLnYprjCeE';
 if (crypt($user_input, $encrypted_password_unix) == $encrypted_password_unix) {
   echo "Unix Password verified!\n";
 if (crypt($user_input, $encrypted_password_crypt) == $encrypted_password_crypt) {
   echo "Crypt Password verified!\n";
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