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Example text for workshop

Other examples

Oct 25 09:26:04 ismael-Satellite-L850-C022 HelloWorld: Started HelloWorld
Oct 25 09:26:04 ismael-Satellite-L850-C022 HelloWorld: Finished HelloWorld

Tips and PlugIns for DokuWiki

Neat PlugIns

Installing the PlugIns

Trouble installing plugins? When dokuwiki is installed with the Debian package installing of plugins through the plugin manager doesn't work. You can get it to work by doing

chown www-data /var/lib/dokuwiki/lib/plugins

Allowing extra file types to be uploaded

Create (or edit) /etc/dokuwiki/mime.local.conf and add relevant lines. E.g.

# Mimetypes that should be downloadable and not be opened in the
# should be prefixed with a !

svg     image/svg+xml					
svgz    image/svg+xml
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